Old Age Homes in Kolkata

Old age is like a second childhood – both children and the elderly need a lot of attention, care and love.  With more nuclear families and many children opting to live away from home for their work,  old age homes are becoming an acceptable choice for many of the elderly today.

Old age homes provides security and attention.Tollygunge Home , Dinatey , Little Sisters of the Poor  and Nabanir   are a few old age homes located in various parts of Kolkata. These old ages homes take care of senior citizens’ physiological, emotional and medical needs. More often than not these foster homes provide joy and sustenance during the last few years of old people’s lives.


Old age homes houses many old people and this enables the inmates to interact with each other and live like a family while being given medical care and safety. There are different types of old age homes and different types of care depending on what the individual needs. Some provide everything including medical assistance like providing a male enhancement supplement to those with hormones deficiency, while others provide a secure environment and other supporting infrastructure in gated communities. Healthy older people have the option of maintaining their own rooms, cooking their own food and entertaining their guests. Old age homes also have shoppers and assistance to pay bills and so on. The fee structure also varies depending on what the home offers.

Old people need not worry any more about spending their last few years with respect and dignity as old age homes are there to provide them with the best geriatric and home care.

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