Kavan movie round-up : KV Anand’s second movie on social issue

Vijay Sethupathi shines in the film Kavan directed by KV Anand, A Social Cause is the biggest subject in the film which against a chemical plant. Vijay Sethupathi, T Rajhendherr, Madonna Sebastian, Bose Venkat are in lead role.

The film is well received by critics all over. Here’s what critics have to say about Kavan.

K. V. Anand has dished out a well researched screenplay on their chosen subject and the powerful dialogues compliment it. K. V. Anand has once again delivered his brand of commercial cinema,

India Glitz – (3.5/5). read full review.

This is not the first time that we have seen a film based on the struggle between good people and bad people in the media business but Anand has handled the subject with maturity and has not resorted to unabashed media bashing. Kavan also has a handful of flaws,

Indian Express – (3/5). read full review.

The one interesting redemption is of course Sethupathi, who manages to stay afloat with a performance that is wonderfully understated, his biggest plus point and that of the movie as well.

Hindustan Times – (2/5). read full review.

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