Every Bangalorean Will Relate To This!

Do you end your sentences with ‘Da’, ‘Ma’ and ‘Maccha’? Do you swear by Darshinis and Namma metro? Does your life revolve around ‘hallis’? (Devanhalli, Marathalli and so on) Then you are a Bengaluru baby for sure. Namma Bengaluru is not just a phrase; it’s a way of life. What’s even more amazing is how this city can grow on you and make you a complete Bangalorean in matter of years. If you can relate to these 10 things, consider yourself a true Bangalorean.


You have chalked out things to do in the time you spend in traffic jams. Phone calls to friends and family, ordering groceries, mental planning of the next day (and if the jam is bad, of the next year too)


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Your day does not begin without filter kaapi


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You have your way figured out with the autowallah! Either you give in to the
‘One and a half ‘ ritual or you settle for ‘toenty (twenty) rupees extra’


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Your mind has memorized the map of Commercial Street by heart.


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You have had atleast 10 startup ideas in last one year


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You are pro with starting to party at 7 pm and wrapping it up by 11 pm. And you have heard the sentence ’11.30 last order saar’ atleast 300 times by now.


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Weekends is all about getaways. You tick places on map one after the other because there are so many vacation spots around Bengaluru. And you have decided to visit them all.


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Every 3rd person you meet is an IT guy. Let’s make that every 2nd person you meet.


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And even after experiencing all the wonders this city holds, it never fails to surprise you. Tell us your experiences of Bangalore city and let’s connect through our common favorite – Bengaluru!

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