Life lessons we can learn from Hindi TV serials

Hindi TV serials are mostly indefinite, for they do have the first episode, but they seldom reach the last episode and continue forever no matter how brutal a death the storyline has already died. Love them or hate them, these TV serials are here to stay and unfortunately, there is absolutely no shift in trend even visible at the far end of the road. So we decided to have some fun with the phenomena of Hindi TV serials and figured out what we can learn from these shows.

Warning: You need to switch on sarcasm mode in order to appreciate the following.

  1. Your mother-in-law will become your best friend one day. Till then you will have to endure all her atrocities and behave like a perfect docile bahu.

Once you become a daughter-in-law, you have to practice incredible levels of patience and endurance. Even if your husband’s entire clan is against you, you have to go to any lengths of sacrifices to win them over. After all, you are a married woman. What else can you aim for?

  1. Your character is inversely proportional to your fashion quotient.

Lets face it, good girls are not fashionable. If you have your hair done, your nails done, if you adorn fashionable clothes and love wearing makeup, well, you got to be evil. A good girl who is fashionable just doesn’t add up.

  1. You can easily do role plays in order to succeed in a detective mission.

Lives in our TV serials are complex. The poor characters have to go through a lot of struggle in order to figure out some answers and sometimes this struggle involves creating a new identity. While a plastic surgery is always the option that will give the the desired texture, size and shape, there are simpler ways a well. For eg: Cut your hair short, wear glasses or change your getup. No one will ever be able to recognize you. Period.

  1. There is no such thing as death.

Wait for a few days, a few months or a few years. The loved one you thought you had lost, will definitely return with the most miraculous story of revival.

  1. There are duplicates all over the world.

Lookalikes is a different thing. Exact same duplicates of yours are present in abundance and most probably your family would surely bump on to one of those some day.

  1. If there is a marriage function going on, it has to be ruined. But the next one has to be celebrated with equal enthusiasm.

So when a couple is getting married, on an average there are 100 forces trying to destroy the marriage and often these forces succeed in ruining the function. However, optimism must be a way of life and thus, no matter the history of ruined event, every new event is celebrated with equal zeal and nonchalance.

  1. Business meetings are a big joke.

If a business meeting is going on, it can be interrupted by any outsider as the security guard is almost never able to stop the intruders. Also, paperwork is pass√©. Decisions are made and implemented at a moment’s notice.

  1. Women can do anything.

This one we particularly love. In almost every serial, every right decision is made by the woman of the house. The woman of the house saves her family during critical times. Women are so powerful, that a housewife who has never ventured into the professional world can conveniently finish her husband’s jinxed business project on time.

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