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As birthday parties become more lavish with each passing year, watching children grow has evolved into a more challenging process, thanks to peer pressure. What used to be a small, simple affair hosted at home with mini sandwiches, coke, chips and cake has now morphed into full buffet spreads of fun foods, live food stalls, party halls and restaurants decked to the tee in tune with theme parties. Just to make this day memorable the pressure on the p[arents have also increased. Parents have begun to research fun activities like wall climbing, game arena and escape rooms about which you can visit here to gain more information.


To cater to your child’s extensive guest list of pals and their parents in tow, it’s easier to just find a restaurant or party venue that will take care of the food and all the small details. Just give them the word and popular eating joints like Pizza Hut, Pizza Corner and KFC will be only too happy to cordon off an entire floor and decorate it for your child.

With an endless supply of pizza, fizzy drinks and a host of crunchy delights, such venues also accommodate the occasional juggler or the magician to rein in more fun. Other places like Marry Brown and McDonald’s are also popular with their kiddy-sized meals, toys and balloons; you can even get your picture taken sitting next to the clown.


If you want to take it a notch higher, get in touch with Amoeba. Its bowling alley and gaming extravaganza along with the great food are sure to keep you in your kid’s good books. Though you will burn some plastic on your card, watching your child and a bunch of her friends go berserk should make it worthwhile.

For some serious fun and something that breaks away from the run-of-the-mill head over to Opus. It will go that extra mile for your kid with things like setting up street-food stalls or blowing up paddle pools for a pool party. Jaamba Jungle is another option for a rocking birthday bash. Its coin-operated amusement games, video games and a soft play center along with the multi-cuisine menu designed especially for kids make it a promising venue.

If you can organize a platoon of cars and enough chaperones, head out of the city to a resort like Club Cabana. These places with their swimming pools, water slides, huge play areas and various other facilities are perfect for a boisterous bunch. And of course, within the city there are the old favorites like Cubbon Park and Lal Bagh. With their open landscapes and toy-train rides, such venues are testament to how a birthday party was done, back in the day.

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