Oriental cuisine restaurants in Bangalore


Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese – you name it, Bangalore has it. We’ve listed out places you can visit whenever you feel the need to answer to the call of the orient within you.




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  1. Tim- Tai

This place has exquisite interiors and on balmy days one can occupy a table at the terrace and savour wine and sumptuous delicacies like Green bean salad, banana stem salad, prawn tom yum soup, steak with Thai basil flavoured mashed potatoes etc.

  1. The Fatty Bao

A heaven of gastronomical delights, the fatty Bao has a menu full of mouth watering dishes that would give you a hard time to make your choice. Apart from sushi this place has toothsome vegetarian cream cheese roll sushi. The classic chilli basil chicken fried rice, Malaysian kapitan curry, lamb chops, char siu, free curry katsu are some of the must have dishes.

  1. Mainland China

A very popular chain, Mainland China never fails to impress. Apart from the choicest range of dishes in its ala carte menu,  it also offers great buffets for the discerning foodie.

  1. Shiro

Delicious 3 course and 4 course Japanese meals will leave you craving for more. Shiro is a bit hard on the pocket but the food is unparalleled.

  1. Hunan

A humble place with extraordinary food is how one can define Hunan. The interiors are chaste, and the mouth-watering food is what brings one to Hunan again and again. It would be extremely difficult to pick out specific must try dishes from a menu of which every dish is perfectly prepared here.

  1. China Pearl

This place offers amazing value for money. Authentic Chinese meals have never been so light on the pocket. If your appetite allows you, do not miss chicken dumplings, Kung pao chicken, tofu with mushroom, mixed non veg clay pot, drunken chicken and crispy squid. Whether you have your gravy with fried rice or noodles, we assure you that the meal will be heavenly.

  1. The oriental kitchen

From Thai delicacies to to lip smacking veg as well as non-veg Asian meals, the oriental kitchen has lots in store for you in the form of truly not to be missed gastronomical delights.

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