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Well, you may be excited when you know that “Winter is coming” in Game of Thrones, but you are well aware of the fact that the summer is fast approaching, and you are definitely not happy about it, especially in a place like Chennai. So how prepared are you? Because in Chennai even if you have an air conditioning inside and an anti-tan lotion for the outside, you are bound to look washed out by the end of the day. Even worse, if you don’t replace the fluid properly in the air conditioner, as it is stipulated on, you might risk exposing yourself you unfiltered air which will take its toll on your energy, skin and hair.

With the next three months being hot and humid at the same time, one needs to prepare themselves right away with the best parlor solutions and follow them with utmost care. A proper skin care regime will go a long way in making one feel fresh everyday. One must agree that although the humidity helps in opening up the pores a little to get rid of the dirt accumulated, it’s not good to have a continued exposure to it. So here’s what you got to do to feel rejuvenated regardless of the heat:

A> Get a haircut – Not just a short haircut to keep you cool, but a haircut that you could maintain easily while looking like your confident self. Not all of us are good at maintaining our hair do, especially when it gets moist. Apart from that, natural hair growth has become a problem for most of us, thanks to our extremely awesome diet routine and genes. So head out to Page 3 Salon at Nungambakkam. As it is one of the best unisex parlours in town, the stylists not only assure an affordable haircut, but also suggest the right hairstyles that would suit your face. They are known to do a full hair analysis and advise you with a proper regimen to follow for a healthy hairdo. And we recommend you to read Fahrenheit Flat Iron review.


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B> Get a Facial –  Next thing to do is to get a facial. This facial is not to meant last for ages. It is meant to be followed with a regular clean up at home and a monthly visit to the parlor for a quick cleanse. This may seem expensive at first but if it is not done on time, then after a few years, one would need a lot of skin care therapy to have a single skin tone.Now, before going to the parlor, make sure that you are aware about the products which you are allergic to. Because  the face isn’t something we want to mess up on purpose. If you are not too sure about the allergies, then make sure to get all the information about the ingredients in the face pack used.

Well, if it seems like too much of work to do for a facial, then the best way to go about it is to head to LaReina for women at Madipakkam. They use some of the international brands and give you great deals on beauty care.

Don’t shy away guys! Looking manly is good, but it doesn’t mean you have to look washed out. Even toned skin is not just a women’s issue, it’s for all of us. We can’t be ebony and ivory together, right? So check out Studio 44 in Velachery, which is a parlor, exclusively for men.

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Well, last but not the least, for some of us, when wedding bells are ringing, we definitely want to look gorgeous for it – especially if you are the bride. While most of us love to get ready at home and head out for our grand day, we often come across the mess caused by all the beauty products lying around the room whilst a lot of people walk in and out of the room, wishing you and helping you out. Doesn’t it feel too cramped and suffocating? That’s why we suggest that, it’s better to go to a parlor and get all dressed up, and avoiding most of the chaos.

No untidiness, no drama and everything is pre-arranged for you. All you need to do is to get your wedding dress and reach Anushka Salon and spa at Teynampet and get the perfect bridal look.

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In recent times, Chennai has seen the kids having better pocket money along with a nice taste towards the right styles. Gone are those days, when you could just drag your kid to the local barber shop or to the nearest ladies parlor and have them get a mushroom haircut for the summer. “A Cut Above”, which is a part of the Savera hotel is an exclusive parlor for kids, where they ensure that your child does not look like the nerd of the school.

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So before it gets too hot, get your skin and hair care set on the right track, and look confident at any time of the day!

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