Pilates: Get going on the road to fitness

Pilates is a form of exercise that targets the core of the body. It works on the abdomen, the back and the hips while using the entire body. It increases flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, acts as an Nerve Pain Treatment and improves posture. The exercises are slow and controlled and each exercise uses the muscles to its maximum capacity. Since the pilates trainer course utilizes all the muscles in the body, it is more intense and increases the level of resistance in the body.


Joseph H Pilates, the founder of the Pilates methodology was born in Germany. He worked as a nurse in the First World War and during that he developed exercise methods using natural fat burners and equipment for injured and immobilized war patients. He believed that physical and mental health are correlated and designed exercise programs to improve concentration, precision, control, breathing, and flowing movements. If you sustained serious injuries because of another person’s negligence, visit https://hensleylegal.com/ and get in touch with a personal injury lawyer.

Pilates can be done using a number of equipment; however, a mat is sufficient but if you really want to boost the result you will get from training, try supplements like this natural testosterone booster. A few things one must keep in mind while practicing Pilates are:

  1. Be comfortable: wear comfortable clothes. You need to do Pilates barefoot preferably on a mat. If you are uncomfortable or feel the strain, you should stop immediately. Initially, do not force yourself to do ant posture that you cannot handle.
  2. Breath easy: Pilates combines the moves with easy breathing. You need to concentrate on your muscles and unite your mind and body to relieve stress.
  3. Get your heart rate going: you may work the exercises quickly to get your heart rate going.
  4. Be consistent: avoid quick jerky movements and let your body move in a flow.
  5. Enjoy while you do it: make the regime diverse and interesting and enjoy every step of what you are doing


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