Mukti Bhawan movie round-up : Story about life and death and its awarness

The film Mukti Bhawan has a huge subject of life with grace and humour. director Shubhashish Bhutiani narrates a story of complete celebration of life on big screens.

The film is well received by critics all over. Here’s what critics have to say about Mukti Bhawan.

“Mukti Bhawan” is as much a celebration of life – complete with all its complexities and paradoxes – as it is a meditation on the harsh realities of getting old and dying. It is both poignant and uplifting.

News18 – (4/5). read full review.

There’s much to like about Mutki Bhawan. It brings to us themes which are either ignored or dealt with in our cinema with mawkishness and heavy sentimentality. Everyone makes us watch, particularly Adil Hussain, who is pitch-perfect.

Indian Express – (3.5/5). read full review.

Mukti Bhavan, based on Benaras’ last-mile hostels/ashrams, is a meditative pageant that’s touchingly real and comical. It has exceptional performances, especially by Adil Hussain, Lalit Behl and Anil K. Rastogi.   But it’s Bhutiani’s screenplay,

Deccan Chronicle – (3.5/5). read full review.

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