Power Rangers movie round-up : a reboot of early 90’s with upgraded action

The story is about the teenaged superheroes and The film’s prologue shows a defeated ranger, Power Rangers is Directed by Dean Israelite and Elizabeth Banks, Naomi Scott, Bryan Cranston, Ludi Lin are in lead role. The franchise has had great success especially in the past decades. Society has been very supportive and many kids even today still love Power Ranger toys.

A mixed response from audience. Here’s what critics have to say about Power Rangers.

This unhurried reboot is way too ancient for your liking. It drains your power and patience with its constant moralistic lessons on importance of team work, punishing the bullies, dealing with repercussions of reckless behaviour, value of true friendship, etc.

Times of India – (2.5/5). read full review.

There seems to be a new kind of franchise formula that Hollywood is interested in these days: target the millennials with nostalgia; revive whatever they grew up with.

Deccan Chronicle – (2/5). read full review.

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