Moonlight movie round-up : story reveals about human connection and Self-discovery

Barry jenkins director of the movie Moonlight has divided the characters into three parts, As a Child, A teenager and an Adult.

The film is well received by critics all over. Here’s what critics have to say about Moonlight.

To fully grasp its intricacies, to fully understand its silences, it needs to be seen again, and again, and again. It is tone poem, as surreal and hazy and magical and confusing and terrible and wonderful as every childhood.

Hindustan Times – (4/5). read full review here.

Moonlight is about a little boy and the monsters he has to face down to become a man. It is about being masculine and searching for sexual identity and being able to find love. And, ultimately, it is about hope,

Indian Express – (4.5/5). read full review here.

Owing to its authentic indie roots, it might feel a bit slow and moody at times; there aren’t any shocking revelations around the corner. But stick with Moonlight for some perspective. You’ll absorb something good and emerge more reflective about things you’ve never thought of before.

Times of India – (4/5). read full review here.

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