Bask in the splendour of Jog Falls

Jog Falls, Karnataka – A Travel Guide

Probably one of Karnataka’s most prized possessions, the Jog Falls has many credits to its name. Created by the Shravathi River and falling from a height of 253 metres, the Jog Falls is the highest plunge waterfall in India. What also makes them unique is the fact that unlike other waterfalls, the Jog Falls are un-tiered, falling directly without stemming on rocks.

Located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, these falls attract many tourists from all over the country. The river splits into four different tracks, and each track is named after its perceived trajectory – namely Raja, Roarer, Rocket and Rani.


The best time to visit the falls is during, or just after the monsoons, where the falls can be seen cascading down in all their might.

While making a trip to the falls, one can also visit the famous tourist spots close by. Honnemaradu, situated on the back waters of River Sharavathi, is an island formed with the backwater of Linganmakki Dam and is famous for water sports. Tourists can also go to the lion-tiger reserve 12 km from Shimoga, towards the Jog Falls.

 How to get there – directions to Jog Falls from Bangalore:

The distance between Bangalore and Jog Falls is 378 km, and takes almost 7 hours by road.

  • Start from Bangalore and take NH 4.
  • Continue to drive till you reach Tumkur.
  • Take a  left at Tumkur and follow the  NH 206.
  • You will reach Jog Falls.

There are lots of buses that take you to and from Jog Falls.
The nearest railway station is located at Shimoga Town. For more information on trains, go to the Indian Railway website.

Activities/Must see in Jog Falls:

  • A must-visit is the Guduvi Bird Sanctuary, Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary and Honnemaradu which is situated on the back waters of River Sharavathi.
  • Another place you will enjoy visiting is Tunga Anicut Dam, which is about 15 km away from Shimoga, where you can enjoy boating and water sports in the surrounding lake.
  • Adventure enthusiasts can undertake a trek in and around Jog Falls, but at their own risk.

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