India skates into a whole new world: ON A SKATEBOARD

India surfs into a whole new world: ON A SKATEBOARD

True that we live in a country where sports is synonymous with cricket, but over the years a lot of other sports have carved their own niche.

Comparatively new to the country, here is a sport that as of now is not lucrative to follow, but makes up for that fact with the thrill, exhilaration, adrenaline rush and rejuvenation it soaks your soul in. It is not as much about discipline and perseverance as much as it is about the crazy passion to completely invigorate one’s senses.

Skateboarding in India has arrived.

With what started as a group of 5 enthusiastic individuals transforming a piece of land near HSR layout in Bangalore into a beautiful skateboarding park, there are now 11 skateboarding parks in India.

Two years ago, the inception of skateboarding potential by these 5 men took the shape of HOLYSTOKED , a company that manufactures skateboards, builds skateboarding parks, holds workshops and promotes the sport via various events. Nowadays, finding the right skateboard is already at the tip of your fingertips, online review sites like ScooterAdviser provides in-depth reviews on the best skateboards in the market.

India’s first skatepark was built in Goa in the year 2003 so India’s association with skateboarding is nearly 10 years old, but over the previous 2 years since Holystoked has mobilized the passion, the sport has acquired a whole new range of enthusiasts.

Bangalore till now has been the most active city in terms of pursuing skateboarding, however, there are cities from all over the country catching up to this phenomenon.

List of skate spots in India

Play Arena
Holystoked EPIC Build

Freemotion Sk8

Shiva Palace
Sk8Goa (restricted access)

2er Bowl and Holystoked mini-ramp

SISP Kovalam Surf Club Ramp

HiFy mini-ramp


Source: indianshowbiz

Holystoked has associated itself with German skate crew Zwier (visit PBX for more information) and this association has put Indian skateboarding on a global platform. By this year over 30 pro-skateboarders from the around the world have visited India and such visits help the India skateboarders learn from them and interact and share more knowledge about skateboarding.

Skateboarding as a lifestyle

Talking about Bangalore, in the past two months, skateboard enthusiasts have found a new venue to test their skill — the Vivekananda Metro station on Old Madras Road. Here, an open area measuring over 150 meters, just below the station, has been left open for coaching camps and to promote the sport by a generous Metro officer UA Vasanth Rao, general manager finance at Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.

Not just kids and teenagers, but even their parents, professionals from different corporates etc. have embraced the challenge of this sport and it has become an integral part of their lifestyle,  a way for them to bond with their own selves as well as their families.

Skateboarding tour through Bangalore, Hampi and Goa with 50 skaters from all over the world

Skateboarding tour through Bangalore, Hampi and Goa with 50 skaters from all over the world

Source: outdoorjournal

Third eye tour- the grand celebration of skateboarding in India

In January 2014, India witnessed its first skateboarding competition across cities. In this eight day three city tour across Bangalore, Goa and Hampi, 25 skateboarders from across Europe and Asia interacted and competed with Indian skateboarders. Over 200 Indian skateboarders attended the extravaganza.

The enthusiasm for skateboarding though growing is still nascent in India and this wonderful sport is sure to touch many more lives.

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