North Indian cuisine restaurants in Bangalore

From Patiala to Kolkata, and Lucknow to Gangtok – there is no cuisine that you’ll be left yearning for if you’re in Bangalore. This melting pot of urban culture has brought together not just people from all parts of the country, but also their tastes and their culinary preference. Some Indian cuisines are comparatively difficult to find but if you are able to shell out a little extra money and travel a few extra miles, there is no culinary delight that Bangalore can’t offer you.

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  1.  AB’s – Absolute Barbecues

A place that redefined the concept of live barbeque lunches, AB’s has both ambiance and quality to make every customer, a loyal customer. The wish grill is an innovative concept wherein one can select meat to grill or wok fry. The starters at this place are awesome, especially the prawns. If you wish to make perfectly grilled meat as these restaurants, then click the following link –

  1. Tandoor

This place has been around for almost three decades, yet it seems as if Bangaloreans can’t have enough of it. The ambiance of this place is as rich as the food served here. Non-vegetarians gorge on succulent kebabs and mutton Dum biryani and vegetarians too are spoilt for choices with dahi bhindi and methi mushrooms topping the list. The breads are always soft and fresh.

  1. Jamavar – The Leela Palace

It’s not for nothing that we are asking you to buy an expensive meal at Jamavar. The invaluable experience that Jamavar offers you, deserves every penny that you shell out here. Out of the world ambiance and the delectable food served in silverware makes the very meal a sort of celebration. Chicken Abeer, Kebabs, pan and palak chaat, dal jamavar, Bhindi masala and lamb starters are a must try here.

  1.  Royal Afghan – ITC Windsor

This place is another costly affair that will leave you very much in finger-licking love. The malai kebabs, butter chicken, dal makhni, sikandari raan and dal Bukhara served here are to die for.

  1. Sahib Sindh Sultan

A great place for an unforgettable fine dining experience, Sahib Sindh Sultan will take you back in time with its 1850’s look and feel. The entire restaurant is done up in a railway theme with one side representing a Pullman style luxurious carriage and the other side a neat English style platform. Thompson’s Atta chicken and the kebabs here are a must try.

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