Italian cuisine restaurants in Bangalore


Bangalore offers a number of beautiful places for one to romance Italian food.


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  1. Toit

There is more than one reason why one should visit Toit.  With best brews around town, scrumptious gourmet pizzas, classy crowd and posh ambiance, Toit is a perfect Italian experience. Try the lemon chicken, Margherita pizza, white sauce pasta and plate of cheese balls without fail.

  1. Bangalore Bistro

Bangalore Bistro prides itself for its prized ingredients and the aroma in the environs. Just a warning, it will be extremely difficult for you to choose amongst corn n cheese fritters, mozzarella and jalapeno balls, fish skewers, Turkish chicken with walnut, meat lasagne, enchiladas and many more masterpieces of flavors.

  1. JW Kitchen – JW Marriot

This name speaks for itself. Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets are organized with the choicest Italian dishes to choose from, an experience definitely worth ‘having’.

  1. Smoke house Deli

Perfectly made sausages, bacon, pancakes, omelets, salads, sandwiches and what not – Smoke house deli is a place not to be missed. Since the desserts are exquisite and melt in your mouth, make sure you leave space in your stomach after your meal.

  1. Herbs and spice

The sunlit veranda and olive green lamp shades just add to the charm of fresh ingredients like olives, sun dried tomatoes, fish, chicken that go into sumptuous pizzas and pastas here. This place is like a slice of countryside within the busy city.


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