Inexpensive fast food restaurants in Bangalore

While Bangalore has an extremely elite fine dining space, the affordable, there are also plenty of inexpensive restaurants usually frequented by college students and young corporate employees. These restaurants offer really good food while being easy on the pockets.



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  1. The Hole in the Wall Café: Famous for the English Breakfast that this place offers, it bustles with crowds throughout the day. A meal for two would cost somewhere around 1000 rupees. The sausages and waffles one gets here are to die for.


  1. Ice and spice: Everything from the burgers to pastas to pizzas to smoothies to even the desserts, is just plain perfect. No matter what time of the day you land up here, you will always have to wait for some time but the wait will be worth it.


  1. Plan B: Their tacos, nachos, chicken wings and burgers are outright scrumptious. Always crowded, plan B is definitely worth the wait.


  1. Café Thulp : Known for its beef burgers, Café Thulp is an ideal place to hang out. The staff is friendly and you can just chill and relax here.


  1. Raasta Café: Extremely popular for late night meals and games on the Mysore road, Raasta café is every college gang’s favorite. Different seating arrangement for people having Hookah is a welcome step by the café.

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