How Music Makes Our Lives Better


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Music is the food for the soul. As you learn more about it – you realize it is the one thing we fall back on when we are happy, sad, frustrated or even ambiguous about our feelings. It helps us at work, it helps us when we have a broken heart and it also lets us portray our feelings without having to say anything. However, did you know there are scientific reasons that say exactly how much music can help you in life? Let’s have a look at some of them, shall we?

It eases pain

I’m not talking about just emotional pain. Music has been proven to alleviate physical pain, especially for geriatric care and intensive care. A study carried out by a Historic theater in Nashville asserts that music lets the brain focus less on the pain and more on the soothing effects of it.


It helps us work out more

The workout music you listen to while exercising actually helps you exercise a lot more. The reason is usually that you are focusing on the music and you don’t realize you have ran an extra mile on the treadmill. Some instruments also require you to put a little more effort. Cajons and other percussion instruments commonly make you burn more calories others. If you would like to explore this path, there are great quality options you can choose from on Make sure to pick the right cajon for your size.


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It helps us sleep

We all have those times when we can’t sleep through the night. Studies have shown that music helps with insomnia and is a better alternative to sleep inducing medicine.

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It de-stresses us

Listening to music after a hard day’s work can take away all the stress from our minds and our bodies. It relaxes our muscles and triggers biochemical stress reducers.

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It helps with depression

Listening to music can lift your mood if you are down in the dumps. It also helps with anxiety and stimulates the brain so that you feel relaxed and happy.


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It helps us take tests better

One study showed that people answered more questions in a test when there was background music playing. Music helps with cognitive performance. Playing music in the background helps you focus on the task at hand.

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It stimulates aging brains

Playing musical instruments and listening to music has been found useful to stimulate aging brains.

Music is not just for the young and it can help older people retain memory and mental faculties when aging.

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So, now that you know exactly how much music helps us, why don’t you choose an instrument and make music of your own. Trust me, it’s the best thing to do after a hard day’s work and also, it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Just pick a good music class in your city and rock on!

If unfortunately you just don’t have the musical talent, you can still enjoy music by searching and attending concerts of genres you love like for example, country music concerts.

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