5 ways in which books control us

Books never lose their charm, no matter how old they are or whether they belonged to someone else previously. Frankly, we don’t own books; books own us. Everyone one of us bookworms knows that and we can never really stress enough on how addicted we are to books. Our erratic behavior around books is not really our fault; it’s the books; they do it to us.

Don’t believe me? I will prove it to you.

Here’s how books control us.


1.  Books call our name while we are glancing their way

Well, ordinary people won’t be able to hear it, but while we are casually glancing at a row of books, the titles pop out at us and then slowly whisper ‘Buy me’ ‘Buy me’. Ask around. It’s true.

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2. Books entice us with their smell

Imagine you are at Blossom book house on Church Street, and you are surrounded by four floors of books. The used books, the brand new ones, the ones on discount. The first thing you do is pick out a copy of an innocent looking book and smell it. Yes. You smell it and you are hooked. For book lovers, that book smell is our special brand of heroin.


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3. Books only tell us half the story with their covers

So you are at crosswords or Landmark, you know, just innocent window shopping, and you see that the new book in a series you follow is out. You read the back cover and you are hooked. Now you are torn between springing for the new book or saving up for something else you need in life. In the end, the book always wins! Back covers are designed to manipulate readers, and we are not complaining!

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4. Books let us escape

Books are more than momentary pleasures or just satiation of our intellectual starvation. Books let us escape into another world altogether, where our daily troubles and inflation don’t bother us. When we are reading novels, we are in a world where the characters matter, not who’s winning the election. Books provide us refuge, and we are grateful for that.

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5. Books never leave

Books promise us companionship without asking for anything in return. So when you walk into Bookworms at M.G Road, and look at the Calvin and Hobbes collection, you know it’s for life. Books understand, they don’t break up, and they will always be there to accompany you with a cup of coffee.

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