Half Girlfriend Review Roundup : Common story with destructive relationship

A Routine love story, Characters do not sync with previous scenes. The film is directed by Mohit Suri. Arjun Kapoor shines on screen. Arjun Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Vikrant Massey, Seema Biswas are in the lead role.

Half Girlfriend has gathered positive reviews from critics all around. Continue reading to find out the opinion of critics.

The first half breezes through, but post interval proceedings hang; in tandem with the hangdog expression worn by the hero. Arjun is sincere, but seems too urban for an ideal `Bihari’ fit. And Shraddha, who looks her loveliest here, lacks gravitas.

Times of India – (3/5). Full Review.

Suri knows how to create drama, and sweeps us up in places, enough for us to ignore the constructed-ness of the characters and the plot. In the second, which is doused in melodrama and swelling `gaana’, I was left with that looming question: is half better than none?

Indian Express – (2.5/5). Full Review.

Half Girlfriend is fast-paced but is not that good to make us miss the absurdities of the screenplay. Characters forget how they were talking in the previous scene.

Hindustan Times – (2/5). Full Review.

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