Go Karting and Paintball fun in Delhi

Splatter friends and foes with all the colours of the rainbow, or live out your F1 dream. Laila and gang point you to the go-karting and paintball arenas that Delhi has to offer.

Want to see if you’re cut out for racing? Or are you just excited by speed? Take a spin on any of these go-karting tracks in Delhi.

Fun N Fair Bowling Alley


Whether you want to go bowling or want to try your hand at go-karting, Fun N Fair has always been a popular place. Many youngsters throng this place for a spin in their go karts. Open from 10 am to 9 pm, Fun N Fair has 10 scorpion karts and charges nominal prices for go karting laps.

Destination Point


While this is one of those places that has something for everybody, the go karting here is a favourite for many. This family entertainment centre has bowling, video and pool parlours and rock climbing facilities, apart from a great go karting track. Their short circuit sees amateurs and pros coming here for some high-adrenaline racing.

Speed Devils Club

One of the best go karting tracks and a well-trained staff, what more could you want? A 20-minute drive from Delhi, on NH1, is the Speed Devils Club, the best place for speed lovers. And if you’re looking for a day of racing and fun with your mates, Speed Devils will plan a racing event for your group, including all your requirements in the package.
32nd Milestone


With the number of activities offered here, 32nd Milestone is the perfect place for a whole lot of adventure sports. A fully automated four-lane bowling alley, bungee jumping for kids, video games and go-karting facilities, 32nd Milestone is popular for many reasons. It’s one of those places you can go to with your family in tow. So while you’re busy hitting the pedal, there’s something for everyone else to do as well.

When it comes to paintball, Delhi has its own paint-splattered battlefields where you can try your hand at this game.

Paintball Co can be credited with bringing this game to the Indian sub-continent. With the growing popularity of paintball, Paintball Co is a preferred gaming destination among paintball freaks. Gear includes markers, face masks, chest guards, jumpsuits, CO2-filled gas cylinders and more. Paintball Co. prides itself on maintaining their equipment in great condition by trained professionals.

Living Wisdom Foundation is a training centre where you can get started with paintball. It bears similarity with a real-life war zone but instead of blood stains, you can find colourful paint splashed on your opponent.

Get ready to plan an adventure-filled day!

Are there any other places you’d like to add to this list? Go ahead and comment. Laila’s all eyes and ears.

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