Dosa and Idli places in Bangalore

Idli and dosa are breakfast staples throughout Bangalore. You will get varieties and different preparation styles in every corner of Bangalore for every price range. We have listed down the most popular places here for you.

Mavalli Tiffin Rooms

Established in 1924, MTR has now become a name to reckon with. Weekends and weekdays are both jam packed for this humble building bang in the middle of Lalbagh road. The prices are incredibly low for the priceless flavors one gets to savor. Rava idli which has now become a favorite on menus across India, was invented by MTR.


Konark Restaurant

With over 18 years of service history, Konark mostly bustles with crowd almost every hour of the day. The open dosa comes highly recommended, as does the Palak dosa and the chow chow Baath.


Shri Krishna Kafe

This humble restaurant with a homely feel has the choicest variety of idli preparations served to you on a leaf spread on a stainless steel plate. Roast Masala Dosa is a crowd favorite at this place. The owner is always present at the café and ensures quality and hygiene. Shri Krishna is extremely easy on the pockets.


SLV (Shri Laxmi Vadita Coffee house)

Soft idlis floating in delicious hot generous serving of Sāmbhar, Scrumptious masala dosa with  a zing of red chutney inside it, coconut chutney that is out of the world, delicious uppit- kesri baath  and what not. This place, though crowded is worth every minute of waiting time. SLV is a must try and once you visit this place, your taste buds will sing ‘Ondu Double’ (one plate idle)


CTR (Central Tiffin Room)

Now called Shiv Sagar, this place is immensely famous for its Benne Masala Dosa. Other varieties of dosas are also undoubtedly scrumptious and served with dollops of butter on them. The chutneys are also unique and incredibly delectable.


Hotel Dwaraka

This place is a heaven for all those calorie conscious people who squirm at the thought of ghee and butter usually used on dosas. Try the “khaali dosa” served here. It is a no oil dosa which is allowed to cook on one side only. The other side is steamed. Team it up with the neer chutney here and you will keep coming back for more


Upahara Darshini

This congested and crowded self-service joint has always been able to attract customers for its deliciously famous button idlis that once dipped in sambhar will melt in your mouth. Ask the server to pour sambhar all over the plate and not give it to you in small steel containers. The chutney smeared inside ghee masala dosa just makes it irresistible to taste.


Gopika (New Krishna Bhawan)

One of the oldest eateries, this place still hasn’t lost even a fraction of its loyal customers. In fact this place has become more popular over the years. The must try dishes are crispy rava dosa, button idlis, green masala idli and jawar dosa. Badam halwa served here is also exceptionally good.



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