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Cubbon Park

So you think you know your city? Did you know that Bengaluru is the nation’s most progressive city; while it may boast of its utopian climate, burgeoning drinking, dining and shopping scene, it sure is a friendly place. As you get acquainted to the lifestyle, don’t be taken aback when you meet “the locals” who converse in English instead of the local dialects and you’d observe them get around in jeans and a heavy metal band-Tee, rather than the traditional attire. From swanky malls to the thriving commercial street markets, from artwork on walls to the booming music that bounces off the night club walls, from multi-national IT parks to the roadside chai-wala’s, from “Kannada gothilla” (I don’t know Kannada) to “nanu Kannada kalita-iddini” (I can speak Kannada), this city will take you by surprise before proceeding to charm you instantly.

Here are some of Bengaluru’s nooks and crannies, for a rendezvous with your best buddy.

A walk to remember

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens:

If you’re the kind who longs to relish the tradition, heritage and serenity of Bengaluru then this is your paradise. Start your day in the lap of Mother Nature herself at Lalbagh, which claims to have the world’s most diverse species of plants and trees. Enjoy the rustic charm of the ambiance and prepare to be mesmerized while you stroll past the glass house that was sculpted on the lines of London’s Crystal Palace. Lalbagh, the royal garden of Bengaluru is spread over an area of 240 acres of landscaped terrain, and the expansive garden was once the characteristic of old Bengaluru which was laid out by the famous Mysore ruler, Hyder Ali. So put on those walking shoes, get into a pair of shorts and hit the road to Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Mavalli.

Poetically inclined? Get cracking
Bengaluru is the place that is set to put every other city’s organized events to shame. There are plenty of options to exercise your poetic license, irrespective of how many times you’ve flunked the driving test! Calling all Open Mics, practice with a live audience, drop by at Take 5, Indiranagar (Mondays), The Fat Chef, Whitefield (Tuesdays), Urban Solace, Ulsoor (Wednesdays) or Doff Pub, Indiranagar (Thursdays) and walk away with a few laughs.

Try out new experiences

For every Bangalorean, food is a way of life. Here you’ll fall in love with the many gorgeously painted food platters. Head out to Shiro for Japanese (Vittal Mallya Road), Tangra for Chinese (Eden Park, Jayanagar), Plan B for American (Ashok Nagar), Indijoe for sizzlers (Church Street), Capeberry for Mediterranean (Vittal Mallya Road) and be spoilt for choice.


Groove to the Music

Gen Y along with the techies in the IT capital promise to take you by the throat, raw into a world of thriving technology. They apply the same principle when it comes to nightlife too, as they believe in working hard and partying harder. Hence Bengaluru is tossing on two sides of the same coin, where it spins to progress on one and bounces back to party on the other. Inhale the responsibility and freedom and stop by Hard Rock Café (St. Marks Road), Pecos (Brigade Road), Monkey Bar (Askok Nagar), Geoffrey in Royal Orchid Hotel (HAL), Pebbles (Sadashiv Nagar), Vapour,(Indiranagar), Toit, (Indiranagar) to get the party grooving.

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