Steak houses of Bangalore

If you appreciate good steak, you would know that nothing quite does it like a great cut of sirloin, cooked to perfection and served with a side of vegetables, mashed potatoes and caramelised onion rings. With Bangalore being a cosmopolitan city, it is not too hard to find restaurants that will serve beef, but that aside, the city also has a few restaurants that specialise in serving steak. Here are the top steak houses.

The Only Place is without doubt the best place to have steak and is more of an institution. What makes this restaurant special is the quality of the meat. A steak is only as good as its cut and here you get prime cuts. The Chateaubriand Supreme is truly gratifying as is the Boston Special that’s served with a simmering hunk of cheese on top. That is not all. There is the homemade apple pie and fresh cream to round off your meal with a sweet flourish.


Millers 46 is as Texan as it comes in the city. Waiters whip out pens and pads from holsters to take your order while good old country music plays in the background. Order some chicken wings and a beer to start with and then move on to the serious business of devouring the steak, that can be had as a sizzler if you so desire. The special twice-marinated, medium-cooked steak is definitely a winner.

Kobe, of the Bombay Steak House chain, has opened its outlet in the city. All its steaks are served on a sizzler, along with a melange of vegetables and fries, and doused in gravy. The Satellite and Pepper steaks find the maximum takers; however, if you don’t feel like having a whole hunk of meat, try the hamburger steak, a minced hamburger patty.


Another steak house that serves excellent sizzlers, including steak, is Indijoe. Go famished as the portions here are quite large.

So what’s your pick tonight—well done, medium or rare?

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