The Space Between Us movie round-up : Pops up and continues to make the case for the genre to be permanently buried.

This is exactly the predictable, sappy and uninteresting tripe that audiences are quite tired of, and it’s difficult to find redeeming qualities to make the film worth recommending to anyone.

A mixed response from audience. Here’s what critics have to say about The Space Between Us.

Their inevitable meeting is where the movie begins to falter. It’s not a far stretch to take cinematic liberties, but they’re usually ignored as gripping action, intriguing narratives and brilliant performances captivate audiences. However,

Times of India – (2.5/5). read full review here.

That’s an interesting premise. But the film lets 16 years pass, some would say likely the best 16 the film could have explored, only to connect with Gardner (Butterfield) as a painfully thin youth discovering hormones, curiosity and anger.

Indian Express – (1.5/5). read full review here.

A child born in space who grows up on Mars and is kept a complete secret from Earth, is 16 years old and longs for his mother and wants to come back to Earth to meet his father. It is strange to me how someone who grows inside a capsule surrounded by scientists far removed from life, as we know on Earth would long for a family.

Deccan Chronicle – (2/5). read full review here.

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