Shoeless in Kolkata? Shoe-ru hoye jao!

I have a confession to make. I love shoes. I love shoes more than I love cake. And I absolutely LOVE cake. The capitalization should make it very clear. Well, then again, who doesn’t right? If you, like me, have a love for good looking shoes, you know how tough it is to come by trendy shoes that do not hate your feet. Living in Kolkata, I know the need for different shoes for different seasons as well as time of day. In the scorching midday heat of summer, you cannot wear boots out. Similarly, the rainy season makes flipflops an absolute No No if you don’t want your denims spattered with mud. So let’s talk about options of shoes in Kolkata and where you can bank on finding good ones.

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All Bengalis will swear by Bata. Although it is found nationwide, Kolkatans have a special soft spot for Bata shoes. We love that it is sasta and tikau. Go to any Bata shop and you come out with comfortable shoes that last years if you take care. What’s more is that now Bata houses chic, trendy shoes that go with western outfits as well as Indian. I’d say you should have at least one pair of Bata shoes in your shoe closet.

If you want sports shoes, go for the usual Adidas or Reebok stores. You find them at malls around Kolkata and there are also outlets at Esplanade and Parkstreet. Sneakers are always a good option if you want to spend the day outdoors playing or for a group activity.  There are a lot of types of them though so try the guide by Lilly Harvey on when choosing the right one for you.

Most of my daily wears come from shoe stores in New Market. Shoes at New Market come as cheap as a hundred bucks albeit after bargaining. Combine the love of haggling and shoes, and you’ve got a Kolkatan very very happy. The lines of shoe stores at New Market stock stilettos,  flats, bellies, boots and sandals. They even have the fluffy bathroom slippers we all love. You have great options and you end up buying a bagful because it’s affordable.

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If you are looking for comfortable shoes for your mother, I’d say go for Hush Puppies. There’s a great store at South City Mall and most Bata stores have decent stocks too. Hush Puppies are not only heavenly in terms of comfort, but their designs are getting trendier every season. My mother has difficulty in finding shoes that don’t hurt, and she agrees that nothing beats Hush Puppies.

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If you are in the mood for some classy chic shoes, check out the mall outlets of Catwalk, Inc. 5 and Mochi. They have shoes for every season and every reason. Also, keep an eye out for their end of season sales. Who doesn’t love a good discount on shoes?

All said and done, be very sure to try on the shoes and walk a little bit in the store before you buy it. Shoes that pinch aren’t really feel good after a while. Check the stitches, chains, buckles and soles. Shoes are precious and you should treat them like it. Happy shoe hunting!

If you want to know exactly where to find the really good shoe stores, visit here to check it out. You’ll find a store in your location!

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