Poorna movie round-up : the story is presented in simple and sweet manner

every one can connect the feelings and emotions very easily of this film. heartfelt scenes and dialogues touches heart many times. Rahul Bose is the director of this film and Rahul Bose, Aditi Inamdar, S. Mariya, Dhritiman Chatterjee are in the lead role.

The film is well received by critics all over. Here’s what critics have to say about Poorna.

Rahul Bose recognizes the beauty in simplicity and uses it to the film’s advantage. Grounded performances combined with stirring music elevate this relatively straightforward tale, making it essential viewing not only for the young Indian woman,

Times of India – (4/5). read full review.

The recreation on film can be patronising, or it can bump up the protagonist falsely to create a sense of their importance. Poorna stays away from these pitfalls: Bose, whose second directorial venture this is, gives us closeness without cloying sentimentality,

Indian Express – (3.5/5). read full review.

Poorna is well intentioned and but in its hunt for ticket revenues and be palatable for a Hindi-speaking city audience, it sabotages what could have been a great film. Watch it strictly for the newbies.

Hindustan Times – (3/5). read full review.

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