If you are missing Maggi, this is what Delhi has to offer!

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For almost all of us Maggi has been a friend in need and thus a friend indeed. Maggi has satisfied our midnight hunger, helped us during long study sessions before exams, made our sleepover at a friend’s place more enjoyable, fed us at times we didn’t want to cook for ourselves and been a promising meal when we were visiting places with not so good a culinary scene. Ever since a certain problem called MSG has crept in, Maggie has been banned and deemed unfit for consumption.

True that Maggi might not be replaced, but Delhi is a gastronomical heaven sure has better options to fill the void that Maggie has created in lives.

Let us answer the most important question first. Where to eat at or where to order from when hunger strikes at midnight?



  1. Moolchand paranthe wala

This humble yet phenomenally popular stall right outside the Moolchand metro station is a dangerous place for those who tend to overeat because well, you just won’t be able to stop. Almost world famous for it’s egg parantha and paneer parantha, this offers umpteen diffrent varieties of parantha along with Rajma, curd, pickle etc. The best part is, this place remains open easily till 2 at night.



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  1. 24/7 food court, JNU

This place ever bustling with happening crowd is a must visit at night. In fact the 24/7 food court outside Jawaharlal Nehru University is at its best at night. Apart from scrumptious kebabs and rolls this food court serves all the north Indian and Chinese delicacies you can name.




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  1. Cravebusters

For most of us Maggi has been a favorite not just because of its taste, but also because of the fact that it could be cooked and savored within the comfortable confines of home at any odd hour. An answer to that is the home delivery service Cravebusters which can drop the choicest of delicacies at your doorsteps at any hour. Primarily based out of Gk they have 3 kitchens all over Delhi serving freshly prepared North Indian, Chinese, Continental, Thai and Italian delicacies at your doorsteps.



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  1. The Booty Call: Open till 5 AM in the morning, this place at Satya Niketan is a buzzing hotspot for student activity especially because many south campus students stay in hostels and PGs around this area. Their quick home delivery makes this place an absolute pleasure for food lovers. Their delicious burgers and crispy fries are to die for.



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  1. Baking Bad: This place based out of GK 1 is so popular that a lot of its loyal customers want seating arrangement as well, because for now Baking Bad only has a home delivery option. Operating from 5 in the evening to 3 in the morning, Baking Bad is known to prepare the best pizzas ever and also this place is a delight for the ones with a sweet tooth.



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  1. Comesum: This 24/7 food court for Nizzamudin Railway station is basically meant for late night travelers but it’s totally worth it to especially go to this place to satisfy your midnight hunger. The place has everything – North-Indian, South-Indian, Chinese, continental, chaat, desserts, you name it.



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Now let us remind ourselves that there are other snack options available apart from Maggi and that Delhi has various joints offering those snacks.


  1. Chila: Chila is a kind of pancake made out of oats, besan, moong dal etc according to one’s choice. This is an extremely healthy option for snacks in between meals. In Delhi NCR there are various options like Café Lota, Baker’s Box etc. that serve chila.
  2. Chinese Bhel: Chinese bhel is a twist to the normal bhelpuri we eat and is made of friend noodles. In Delhi there are various restaurants like Babji restaurant, Chef joint, Raja Snacks bar etc. that serve Chinese bhel.
  3. Nachos and Salsa: This snack mainly accompanies us in movie theatres but otherwise also is a good option for evening snack. Bootlegger, Café Coffee Day, Warehouse café etc. serve fantastic cheesy nachos with salsa at reasonable price.
  4. Poha: This extremely healthy and delicious preparation of flattened rice is very good snack option and is no less than Maggi when it comes to taste. In Delhi there are some very good eating joints like Café Lota, Farzi café, Roots café, Pot Belly, Nandos etc. that serve poha.





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