Hyderabad hang outs

Wondering where to go? Unable to decide between a spot of quiet versus a wave of energy? Laila & gang recommend the following places to hang out in Hyderabad.

360 Degrees Club & Lounge

360 is one of the best place in town to experience the cutting edge international music with great ambience and elite crowd. The best part of this place is its ambience and setting which suits the different styles of the visitors. You can choose the way want to chill at this place with the main room having a big dance floor with the best tunes being played by the best of the best DJ’s at the console. Contact details…

One Place Hotel

Situated in Hyderabad, Hotel One Place offers complete leisure and relaxation. It promises exceptional services in a comfortable environment. Hotel One Place has specially selected and harmonized the interior designs so as to create a perfect blend of comfort & style. The hotel offers 20 rooms designed to meet your every need during the stay, complimented by a stylish private menu, available 24 hours. The menu offers a wide assortment of wonderful meals and luxurious delights. The hotel has a bar & restaurant. Its banquet hall is equipped with latest amenities such as PA and multimedia systems and can accommodate at least 200 people at ease. It has a travel desk to assist you with all your travel related queries. The hotel also arranges for high end laptops to meet your business & personal needs. To sum up, Hotel One Place is focused on making your travel a satisfying experience. Contact details…

Ramoji Film City


A favourite tourist attraction and a Guinness-listed Film Studio Complex, the Ramoji Film City is a wonderland. You’re likely to be swept off your feet by the sheer scale of this place that houses prototypes of Golconda Fort, a railway station, an airport, churches, mosques, temples, villages, waterfalls, chateaus, winding highways, and palace interiors. Whew!
Sign up for one of its entertainment-show packages consisting of journeys back in time, stunt shows, circus, puppet shows, and street theatre. And if you feel exasperated with all that fun, unwind with a herbal massage and come back after a grand dinner at the food court, with some ethnic shopping thrown in. Contact details…

Treasure Island

Gandipet’s Treasure Island is for those weekends when all you want is to relax with a pint of beer by the poolside or let your hair down at the disc. Its antique-looking log cottages might tempt you to stay back, so carry a night change, just in case! Abids’ Kazi Chiks, an indoor gaming park, is also a good option if you are seeking venues for a family get-together. Contact details…

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