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We all know that India mostly runs on Chai (tea) but Indian coffee does not lag in the race. Special thanks to Baba Budan for smuggling those ultimate coffee beans into India back in 875 A.D. and giving birth to the coffee culture. We might not seem to be the folks who carry those big coffee mugs like in the Europe or in the U.S. of A., but we definitely make them happy by sending our best regards with the Arabica and Robusta flavors.


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Even though we still love our Rs. 7 coffee while gossiping with our colleagues, the “Central Perk” (from the evergreen “ F.R.I.E.N.D.S.”) has eventually made us crave for the lounge experience. Barista, Gloria Beans and Costa coffee tried really hard to give that experience, but nothing made coffee more exotic than our very own Café Coffee Day , which is also the Chai coffee ki Dukaan in Namma Bengaluru. Whatever came after CCD has always been known as the other place for great coffee and seating.

So shall we pick up our coffee mugs, or glasses and go out on the chase to find our next best hangout spot for a great cup of coffee?

Starting from Church street, we can fill our cup at the famous café known as Matteo. With a huge outdoor and indoor seating along with some exquisite collection of beverages, this place is on top of the list of cafes to hangout. They proudly boast of their ability to brew some of finest specialty grade Arabica beans to give the customer a mesmerizing experience.   


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Moving onto Koramangala, which is a place for all the startups, one is bound to find a lot of cafes filledwith folks working on their laptops. Coffee on Canvas, Boca Grande, DYU art café and Cup’o’ Joe are the lounges meant to sip on some delicious coffee and feed on some crispy delights.


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