Honey Bee 2: Celebrations movie round-up : A big disappointment to audience

Honey Bee 2: Celebrations film is directed by Lal Junior and Asif Ali, Bhavana, Lal are in lead role, A love-com-arranged weddiing story. Bhavana looks fabulous on screen with good performance.

A mixed response from audience. Here’s what critics have to say about Honey Bee 2: Celebrations.

Honey Bee 2: Celebrations reaches its ‘happy’ ending, we are bewildered: where are the celebrations, bro? That brief untold portion Lal Jr and crew expanded from Honey Bee – that was better left unsaid.

Manorama Online – (2/5). read full review.

A bromantic comedy in which booze walks in as ‘touchings’ for every scene, Honey Bee 2’s plot is quite flimsy like its prequel, and banks on the aforementioned theatrics to entertain the audience.

Times of India – (2.5/5). read full review.

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