Christmas, New Year, Parties and Celebrations

’tis the season to be jolly. There’s holly, wine, cakes and presents. Celebrations abound, and a general mood of revelry is in the air. One need not look for a reason to party – the season is reason enough!

Every city has its own choice of party spots, shopping destinations and hang-out corners. These range from time-tested pubs that have withstood partying hordes for years, to the glitzy neon a-wash new-age nightclubs and lounges.

 Happy New Year

This is also the season when shopping comes into focus – be it getting gifts for the near and dear, getting party supplies, or stocking up the bar. Shopping as an activity today has a plethora of options – you can browse through products online, drop by at your favourite decked-out shopping mall, or loyally stick to the old little gift store where your mom has been shopping for generations. Gifting options too, have seen a makeover across the years. Jewelry and watches have been traditional gifting choices, while mobile phones, tablets and gaming consoles are part of the newer crop. If you’re looking at playing it safe, chocolates and flowers along with a bottle of wine is still a good bet. Corporate gifts tend to reflect the flavor of the season, and sweet boxes on their own no longer seem to make the cut! Battery packs to aid those dying phones and tablets have been a popular choice this year.


All of us have our own ways of soaking in the spirit of the festive season. Some prefer to take the celebrations to town, enjoying the noise, the vibrant colours and crowds of the city. This is a good option, given there will be plenty of parties organized across town during December. Others prefer a quiet time with friends and loved ones, setting up their homes to play the perfect host. Whatever you opt for, there is no getting away from the good cheer that this season spreads.

What manner of a party animal are you? The jumpy monkey, the preening peacock or the graceful giraffe? Tell us more! Here’s to a happy festive season filled with peace, joy and good cheer. Happy 2015

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