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If you have had an over-dose of places in Chennai that you hangout at all the time, then plan a trip to any of these places not too far from the city. There are several places around Chennai where you can go to unwind, away from the glaring lights and polluted skies. A picnic with your gang of friends or with family is a great way to spend time and keep boredom at bay.


The temple town of Mahabalipuram, 55 km from Chennai, is a popular picnic spot and takes about 2 hours by road from Chennai. Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram was once the capital of Pallava kings and was named after the Pallava King, Mamalla. The rock cut temples and caves situated here are the finest in the world and were built between the 7th and 9th century. The main attraction of Mahabalipuram is the Shore Temple which is renowned the world over for its intricate carvings and skilled craftsmanship. The beauty of the place lies not only in its architecture but also in its silvery sandy beach, the vast casuarina trees, and its handmade crafts. There are hotels and resorts in Mahabalipuram if you plan to stay back there to discover the town in detail.


Cholamandal Artist’s Village, which is about 20 km south of Chennai, is a popular destination among local visitors and tourists. This village was established in 1965 to promote and develop traditional art. If you want to explore and learn about traditional arts and crafts like terracotta, batik, metal sculptures and more, then Cholamandal Artist’s Village is a must-visit. This nondescript village makes an interesting picnic spot, complete with a palm-studded sea beach and beautiful surroundings.

If you are looking for a stress buster weekend packed with unlimited fun, then head straight to the famous Covelong Beach. Located about 40 km from Chennai, this dreamy fishing village is a perfect spot to put up your tent and bring out your fishing hook. The serene ambiance and the tranquil waves at the Covelong beach make it one of the most popular beach resorts on the Coromandel Coast. Adventure enthusiasts can choose from a wide range of sporting activities like windsurfing, swimming and other water sports at Covelong.

Pulicat was the oldest Dutch settlement on the Coromandel Coast in 1609 AD. The state tourism department has turned Pulicat into a picnic spot. If you want a perfect escape from the daily grind of the city, then Pulicat is the place to visit. Situated 55 km from Chennai, this colonial town has the Pulicat Lake, a shallow salt water lagoon which stretches along the coast. Owing to the number of monuments and lakes present here, a trip to Pulicat is a great option, even more so if accompanied with a large gang of friends for a picnic.

One of India’s seven great mythological Hindu cities, Kanchipuram has a plethora of temples, each one unique in its own way. Kanchipuram is renowned for its rich silk sarees and ancient architectural marvels. Whether you’re setting out on a picnic or planning a weekend getaway, Kanchipuram makes for a perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate.

You can also contact tour operators and travel agents in Chennai for a hassle-free getaway.

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