Buy phoren maal at Kolkata’s Fancy Market

India’s retail markets are brimming with quality products, all with international quality and looks. Yet folks are yet to shake off the phoren maal hangover, and will grab anything with foreign tags. AC Market and Vardaan Market are the favourite haunts to buy imported clothes and shoes, but for a treasure trove of electronic gadgets, the place too amble is Fancy Market.

This is akin to the famous Palika Bazaar at Delhi, and the Heera Panna Market in the heart of Mumbai. In fact this shopping arcade throngs with so many shoppers, that a trendy new shopping mall, called 5 Star Market, is now the new neighbour. Both these buildings are interconnected through alleys, and shoppers can glide in and out, without having to step out of the buildings.

Bargaining is the golden rule here, and if you are street smart you could pick up some cool deals.

Fancy Market is filled with shops selling items like TV sets, monitors, laptops, personal digital assistants, music systems, MP3 players, game consoles, cordless phones and mobiles. Most of the MP3’s, DVD’s, CD’s are from Bangkok, Bangladesh and China, and you can get the best prices here.


Please check them before you throw in the moolah, as there is no guarantee/warranty. But if there is a technical hassle, you can always bring it here and get it fixed.

You can also checkout clothes, shoes, tools, knives, toys and suitcases made in China, Bangkok, Taiwan and Indonesia. There is a cool stock of chocolates and jellies, but the biggest draw here is the array of foreign liquors on the shelves. A bit of advice though, buy a bottle from a known vendor, or shop with a seasoned shopper. There are chances of getting ripped off, and you will end up nursing a bad hangover from drinking bootleg liquor.


Fancy prices, fancy products … only at Fancy Market!

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