10 reasons why Delhi and Bengaluru clubbed together will make the best city in the world


  1. One has the best weather, other has the best open air hangout zones


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Delhi can boast of a rich, tangible heritage preserved in the form of Red fort, old fort, Humayu’s tomb, Bibi ka maqbara, Qutub Minar, India gate, Hauz khas fort and many more. Having said that, out of 12 months in a year, almost 10 months, it’s either too hot or too cold to enjoy visits to these archeological marvels. With Bangalore’s balmy breeze and surprise showers, one might as well visit these places every evening.


  1. Scrumptious flavors in one big bite


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From the colorful narrow streets of Chandni Chowk to the plushest restaurants of Khan Market and Hauz Khas village, to the roadside stalls across Nehru Palace serving ‘almost world famous’ cheapest yet hygienic cholle-Kulcha, dal makhani, rajma chawal etc., Delhi spells food all the way. Bangalore might not be competent enough when it comes to street food, but with its choicest breakfast places like Hole in the wall, Koshy’s, MTR, Café Noir and many more, Bangalore fills exactly the gap that Delhi leaves.


  1. Nightlife and safety will go hand in hand


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Bangalore has always been envious of Delhi’s happening night life and Delhi needs to learn a lesson or two from Bangalore about how to keep its women safe. How utopian the world would be with a city as boisterous in the night as Delhi is and as safe for women as Bangalore is.


  1. A mosaic of cultures

With 62% of the population of Bangalore comprising of migrants and 43% of the population of Delhi comprising of migrants, the resulting city after the amalgamation of these two would be an exemplary case of ‘ Unity in Diversity’ exhibiting coexisting cultures and languages.


  1. The fashionable city

The suave, stylish and Fashionista junta of these two cities that not only know the latest fashion trends, but also never forgets to wear its own unique attitude, if clubbed together, one might as well start calling all roads of the city as fashion runways.


  1. One phenomenal education hub


 Optimized-SRCC-Main-Block.Image Courtesy: Dubeat

On one hand, you will have SRCC, LSR, Stephen’s, Hindu, Hansraj and on the other hand Christ, Jyothinivas, Ramaiyah etc. Not just graduation courses, let’s just say that from schools to graduation to masters, one will never need to venture outside because there will be an eclectic range of educational institutes right within the city.


  1. Wider road range and no road rage


Bangalore still doesn’t have the kind of infrastructure in terms of wide roads and flyovers that it needs in order to handle its traffic. Delhi has all the infrastructure in the world, yet the basic civic sense of patience on the roads is grossly missing, which Bangalore kind of portrays. One is completely entitled to dream of a city having the best of both worlds- wide roads and no rowdy road rage.


A view of Namma Metro train running, as the first line of Namma Metro project was inaugurated on Thursday on MG road, in Bangalore on Saturday. –KPN

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  1. Greener than the greenest


While the two cities have already scored well in the greenery quotient, it only makes one wonder what a green masterpiece the joint city will be. After all, it’s only greenery that sows the seeds for more greenery.



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  1. Spectacular Arts and culture scene


Be it theatre, music and film festivals, art exhibitions and concerts, Bangalore and Delhi have always been vibrant. With their respective hubs like India Habitat Centre, Alliance François etc., A city made out of Delhi and Bangalore will only promise to provide an even more spectacular scene.



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  1. Startups and IT hub meet shopping hub


Delhi is a shopper’s paradise. This paradise coexisting with the land of lucrative startups and giant IT companies’ only means that there is be more disposable income to consume the products hence providing a fillip to the economy.












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