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Raees Over All Movie Verdict

SRK’s much-awaited Raees has been released today. “#Raess = SURE-SHOT HIT… SRK and Nawazuddin are the lifeline… A must watch!” tweets well known movie critic Taran Adarsh. #Raees = SURE-SHOT HIT… SRK and Nawazuddin...


Pearl shopping in Hyderabad

Mrs Khurana’s black-pearl necklace (that she has been flaunting tirelessly over the years), Ruchika’s milky-white tear-drop pearl earrings (her first anniversary gift), Rohan’s large silver pearl finger ring (astrologer-advised) have more than the obvious—the...


Fitness and Exercise Tips

Working out can be dangerous as it can be beneficial. Exposing to your body to sudden jerks and movements can lead to a number of injuries and if done incorrectly, a work-out can even...