8 life lessons we can learn from Late Dr. Abdul Kalam

From children to the elderly, there wasn’t a single dry eye in the country, the day Dr. Abdul Kalam  travelled heavenwards. Yet, along with the hollowness remains a certain sense of strength. Very rarely has an event brought the country so close together the way Dr. Kalam’s demise has. Well, we all were and will always remain students to this great teacher of the nation and it’s his very teachings that bind us in a common thread. His wisdom can never be encapsulated in words but here we attempt to share 8 precious life lessons that each one can learn from the phenomenal leader Late Dr. Abdul Kalam.

  • There is incredible power trapped in your dreams. In spite of being a scientist, Dr. Kalam trusted the most in the power of an unquantifiable phenomenon – dreams. On several occasions while interacting with people, especially while lecturing children and the younger generation, he would often say, “ You have to dream before your dream can come true’. With these words he often tried to motivate the country to take the first step towards achieving a dream and that first step would be dreaming itself.
  • In order to be a leader in the truest sense of the word, one has to learn to give credit. Dr. Kalam, during his entire lifetime had guided so many students and groups of scientists and never did he forget to credit his team for their hard work and dedication.. He would always say, “An exemplary leader is one who gives credit and recedes into the shadow as the protégé takes center-stage.
  • Problems and obstacles are important for us to be able to enjoy our success. He always emphatically stated the importance of hardships as a means to the gratitude that one feels after having overcome those and while finally tasting success. Having himself grown up in a humble household and later on touching the echelons of achievements, Dr. Kalam was and continues to be a perfect example to justify his own saying.
  • The fight against corruption starts with us. In in utmost sagacious self, Dr. Kalam emphasized the role of father, mother and teacher in realizing the goal of zero corruption in this country. It is such a simple, though yet when pondered over, completely stands for the formula for eradicating corruption. After all, it’s the father or the mother or the teacher who influences the lives and minds the most. These three roles can mold the future generation in whatever way they want.
  • Have the courage to think differently. The exemplary scientist who believed in and demonstrated innovation, always appealed to the country to have the courage to think differently, to change the game and to challenge the norms. He strongly believed that original minds take the country forward.
  • Keep your mind, body and soul fit. At eighty plus, when most resign from life and suffer from purposelessness and isolation, Dr. Kalam had launched his mission for the youth of the nation called the What Can I Give Movement with a central theme to defeat corruption. He used to write Tamil poetry, played the veena plus he has written several books in English. Even till the last day of his life, his walk was never limped, his stance was never bent. He always seemed way more fit than our young generation and always credited his disciplined eating, sleeping and exercise habits for the same.
  • Humility isn’t a trait but a way of life. As the president of India, as the Bharat Ratan awarded scientist and as a truly remarkable human being Dr. Abdul Kalam always commanded respect, but never seeked privilege. His humility was always intertwined with his soul. He had immense respect for other people. As his secreted recounted, even on the last day of this life he thanked a security guard for spending the whole journey standing uncomfortably in the jeep while trying to guard Mr.Kalam.
  • And lastly, age is just a number. At the age of 84 he died while delivering a lecture to students and also left behind a half written book that he had started writing earlier this year. For anybody who ever decides to give up, Dr. Kalam’s image would do enough to make him/her realize that life is about continuous learning, consistent efforts and endless capabilities. As long as you are alive, your purpose on earth isn’t over.

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